Is The Weeknd's New Song Homophobic? Did You Hear these Lyrics?

So as you know The Weeknd dropped a new song with Gesaffelstein called "Lost in the Fire" - and at first people pointed out the fact that he might have been dissing Drake in the song! CLICK HERE for that break down!

BUT now The Weeknd is under fire for a different part in the song! Some are saying that they're homophobic! Check out what he says below

You said you might be into girls (Into girls)

Said you're going through a phase (Through a phase)

Keeping your heart safe (Keepin' your heart safe, oh)

Well, baby, you can bring a friend (Bring a friend)

She can ride on top your face (Top your face)

While I f*** you straight (While I f*** you straight, yeah)

Ok here is where the Weeknd went wrong...using the word "Straight" - cause someone can interpret that as... all it takes to make you "straight" is sleeping with a man! And as we know, that's not true! 

Check out some reactions from Twitter

I don't think we need to boycott the Weeknd or anything, but I do think that if an artist doesn't want any backlash, they should really think about their lyrics a bit more because their words and art have real power!

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