Everything You Might Have Missed In The New Game of Thrones Trailer!

Last night HBO debuted a brand new trailer for Game of Thrones and sadly it wasn't a REAL trailer, it was a teaser trailer that didn't show any new footage, BUT it wasn't a lost cause because there were some key moments in there that might get us some insight to the new season!

For starters the trailer focuses on the three Stark siblings. They're walking through their family tomb and past by their parents! Lyanna Stark, Catelyn Stark and then Ned Stark.

But where is Bran?! Him not being in the trailer might be a clue that maybe he really is the Night King! 

If I'm wrong about Bran then...oh well!! 

Ok so in the trailer, it focuses a lot on Jon, each thing that is said is all about him! So of course the new season will have a big focus on his identity! 

Ok so the trailer ends with Jon, Sansa and Arya all facing their own tombs. Could this be foreshadowing their deaths?! Probably

Nathalie Emmanuel who plays Missandei said...

"This season is going to be incredibly satisfying for people," - "It is going to be incredibly exciting and heartbreaking. I feel like people will have their mind blown when they watch the final one."

HEARTBREAKING!!!! Ahhhh that means Jon is going to die huh?! Damn!

Ok so then...we see winter come and freeze everything which we all knew was coming. BUT when Jon and Arya pull their weapons you can see that Arya has her Valyrian dagger. Valyrian steel is one of things we know can kill white walkers. Maybe Arya will kill the Night King?!

The new season will air April 14th on HBO!

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