Mariah Carey Explains The "I Don't Know Her" Drama

Mariah Carey recently sat down with Pitchfork and answered questions about her famous “I don’t know her” meme as well as addressed her relationship with Whitney Houston and her cult-classic, Glitter.

When asked if she had seen the many GIFs of her seeming to shade JLo, Mariah responded, “Some of them…I really was trying to say something nice or say nothing at all. I really was."

Carey also revealed that her relationship with Whitney Houston was, “fun and she was real." Mariah says that she was pitted against Houston but Carey says that Whitney was, “someone she looked forward to hanging out with.”

When it comes to her flopped movie, Glitter, Mariah says she liked the soundtrack, and apparently, a lot of people agree, the soundtrack made it to number one on iTunes this year. She doesn’t beat herself up over the failed movie telling Pitchfork, “OK, well this didn't work, how do I prove myself after that?'"

What do you think of Mariah’s comment about Jennifer Lopez? Have you heard Mariah’s new album, Caution? What are your thoughts?

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