Did Tekashi Screw Over A Major Brand Because of Cardi B???

Apparently 6ix9ine inked a six figure deal with Fashion Nova. All he had to do was put their Fashion line in the song and feature their clothes in an upcoming music video! Apparently the clothing brand had already given 6ix9ine all of the money!

According to TMZ 6ix9ine mentioned Fashion Nova in a track he did with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj! The original lyric was

"Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat."  

BUT when Dummy Boy was released there was a change in the lyrics - now it says 

"Splish splash apple bottoms make that ass phat."

Take a listen below!

Sooooooo why did Tekashi change the lyric?! Apparently Nicki Minaj was NOT ok with Fashion Nova being mentioned on a track that she was on. Everyone knows that Cardi B. is all about Fashion Nova and just recently released her own line with them. 

TMZ sources said that Nicki asked 6ix9ine to take out the lyric and he did! No word just yet on if Fashion Nova has asked for their money back just yet - but if he had a contract with them this won't end well. He'll end up losing a lot of money...especially if he already spent the money! 

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