Natalia Finally Spills About Her Engagement Story!

In a few days I'll finally get to celebrate with all my friends my marriage to Matt and as the day approaches I'm thinking back to the night Matt proposed! Honestly, it was kind of a blurr, but I do know it was one of the best days of my life! First Matt & I went to a Clipper Game and even saw a couple get engaged! CLICK HERE to see the video, you can actually see me in the background!

So when Matt asked me to marry him I can't tell you how happy I was. Matt is my best friend, PIC and favorite person on this planet! I always knew that we were going to spend our lives together so there was no rush to get married. But we did talk about getting married and Matt even asked me what kind of ring I wanted and I kid you not, I told him, "I want you to pick it out." 

See my thing is, this is a gift from him, so I wanted him to pick out something that he liked for me! When I saw the Ring I was shocked, it took my breath away! 

The only downside to the ring was that it was the wrong size HAHA! 

It's ok though because a couple days after we got Engaged I took the ring to Robbins Brothers in Glendale where Matt bought the ring! And they were AUUUHHHMAZINGGGGG!!! I literally got the ring back the next day.

So when it came time to get our Wedding bands, of course we'd go to Robbins Brothers! They were just so great the first time around that we had to go back there. We literally stayed after we got the ring because the guy who helped us out was so nice. 

So earlier I said Matt made one mistake and literally it was that he didn't know my size, but you if you're nervous about getting ring, you don't know where to start or just have questions, go visit my friends at Robbins Brothers in Glendale - they're AMAZING!!! 

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