What Do The NRA & Victoria Secret Have in Common? [LISTEN]

Picture via Getty images.


The Victoria's Secret Show came and went very fast but the aftermath is still here. It seems that every year skinny girl after skinny girl walks and represents that brand, that's cute but it's not a reality to most women. We in fact come in different shapes and sizes that are all equally beautiful but Victoria's Secret seems to avoid that. In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, chief marketing officer for VS, Ed Razek was asked about having "plus-size" and "trans" models in the shows and he said, No, because the show is suppose to be a "fantasy".  Then when asked about having transsexuals in the show, he said, "No. No, I don’t think we should", why not?, "Because the show is a fantasy," he told the publication. "It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is."

So clearly the women that buy their product aren't "the fantasy". This really struck a cord with the ladies in the Neighborhood just like the NRA did with medical professionals; recently telling medical professionals who were advocating for gun control to "stay their lane". Listen to their reaction above! 



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