Are You Catching A Fade & A Case Over Ketchup?


In a recent viral video this lady got out of her car, went through the back door and started to beat the McDonald's manager over some ketchup! What in the type of stupidity is this? We know but it really went down and the Neighborhood has some words for this idiot.

We've all had that one drive thru experience when the employee is being extra stingy with the sauce. Granted we don't know what regulations or sauce surveillance these employees are under but it's very annoying when they ignore sauce to nuggets or fries ratio. For example, if I order a 20 piece nugget meal with large fires (don't judge me) you better not be handing me no two packets of ketchup and one ranch sauce. Go hard or go home mentality here, I want all the sauce! Matter a fact, give me like 10 ketchup packets, and at least four other dipping sauces that my heart desires. When this doesn't happen or an employee gives me attitude because I believe in life's balance and they clearly don't, I drive off but this lady took her anger to a whole different level and now she caught a case over the dumbest sh*t ever. 

But the drama don't end there, fights are happening everywhere including on the basketball court between two teammates! Stupidity levels are at an ultimate high and ya'll better not try and put this on mercury retrograde. Check out what happened between Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. 



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