J. Cole Trolls Fans With "The Off Season"

J. Cole has been teasing fans with his upcoming album "The Off Season." (I put that song up there for you in case you haven't heard them snap!)

We've literally been waiting since we found out about it! Don't get me wrong, I'm still listening to KOD and Forrest Hills Drive but there is no such thing as ENOUGH when it comes to Cole... we always want more (by we I mean me so yeah!)

I'm not tryna be pushy (but I am) all I want is for J. Cole to drop this album before Christmas. It'll be like a present from Cole to me.

So here's what Cole did on Spotifiy the other day.

He created a playlist with all the features he's done and named it "Where The F*ck Is The Off Season."

HILARIOUS! *insert crying laughing emoji*

As if I didn't love this man before this just made me love him a little more, it's possible.

I thought the same thing!


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