Eminem Makes A LOT Of Money Every Year!

Okay, it's obvious that Eminem is making BANK. Remember when sang about having an elevator in his HOUSE? 

I shouldn't be shocked, he's put in the time and deserves everything he has if not more! 

But I was curious to find out his net worth so when I read an article about it, I thought I would share it with you!

So according to Celebrity Net Worth, Eminem makes about $20 million a YEAR! (Geez. Do you need an assistant?) 

Eminem Earnings By Year:

2007: $18 million

2008: $12 million

2009: $14 million

2010: $8 million

2011: $14 million

2012: $15 million

2013: $10 million

2014: $18 million

2015: $31 million

2016: $11 million

2017: $16 million

2018: $23 million

Total: $190 million

Go on Eminem! 

Since we are talking about Eminem, here's my favorite song off Kamikaze! 

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