Did You Catch The Special Guest Feature On Vince Staples' Album?

Vince Staples just dropped his album "FM!" and basically blessed all of our ears.

I just saw him perform at Mac Miller's "Celebration of Life" tribute concert and I almost broke down. He's such a REAL artist and his performance looks effortlessly amazing. 

I was excited for this album to drop and it DID NOT disappoint! 

It's about 20 mins with 11 tracks and features from Jay Rock, Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, Earl Sweatshirt AND A VERY SPECIAL FEATURE that you can find out about when you hit "play" above! 

I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS! ahhh (listen and tell me what you think!)

Stream "FM!" 

We all love it the album!

hey that's me!

good luck!

is 11/10 a thing?


dude... YES!

Here's one of my favorite songs by Vince!

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