Becky G Stops By Big Boy's Neighborhood...

We have Becky G in Big Boy's Neighborhood! She just turned 21 and she has been killing the game since she was 14. Not only is she a singer but she also is a actress and raps in English and Spanish. Full video interview coming soon! 

Do you ever feel like this is a lot right now? 

Everybody goes through stuff and on a personal side but this has been the most challenging year for Becky. You're putting yourself out there to be criticized and you are in front of the whole world. She signed up to live her dreams and make music and hopefully inspire people. Once you fall to depression it gets dark, she sees it all the time. Most time we don't realize it until they're gone or they go to rehab.

What helps you get through the dark moments? 

To go through it. Just accept. Everybody has their low points & it's okay to admit it. **** Do you still enjoy what you do? Totally does. That's what gets her through. 

Musically you've been killing it and you haven't stopped, what does it feel like when you hear your name being called out the Latin Music Awards? 

She had no idea she was going to win and wasn't prepared. She realized she's the only girl in the category. She was happy to be nominated. She was so focused on hosting and performing she wasn't expecting to win.

How does it feel to be Mexican in the reggae world?

She got signed as a rapper at the age of 14. The pop stuff was more influenced by what she had to do to be cool right now. But she grew up listening to urban music. She figured she can rap in English so she wanted to try rapping in Spanish.

How do you ignore the negativity? 

She's happy. She genuinely happy. She doesn't regret anything with her music. 

 What did you and Liz Hernandez sit down and cover the day? 

Liz saw her grow up. Her word was Familia. Family is so important to her. 

How do you pick who's around you? 

She's afraid of the dark and her day to day manager will sleep in the same room with her when they're traveling. Nothing is a waste of time. It teaches you what you want or what you don't want.

Do you see how far you've come? Ayyde asks before sharing lyrics Becky once wrote.

"Now it all started when my Grandpa crossed over, one day I am going to make it and be a crossover" -Becky From The Block

She remembers writing this. Her inspiration for this was from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. That was her autobiography. 

How old were you when you wrote that?

She was 15. 

The American dream comes in many different shapes and sizes. With everything going on with Trump where does that put you and your family? 

We are a joke right now. We have to own up to our responsibility. What conversations have you had with family about what the climate is? The positive side of this is that it brought a lot of people together. *

How did the relationship with Bad Bunny come together? 

He sent his verse and he had to change it. He was challenged with this song because he had to hold off. 

How do you not get so affected by what's in comments? 

She does. that one FUCKS it up for everything. She made a video/song called booty and felt amazing, then got rude comments. Her boyfriend commented on a picture of her and she got hate over that! Sometimes she feels stripped of her humanity. She allowed herself to be hurt and be sad. 

Do you have anxiety?

When did you realize this? She had her first panic attack at 14/15. She gets anxiety getting on planes. 

Has it stopped you from performing? 

We can't live in our present. She had a panic attack on a flight to Madrid. She said BITCH breathe. hitting that SHIT. 

What can your fans look forward to?

All kinds of music. 

You're in a relationship and I see a ring, are you married?  

No, she bought it as a gift to her at the age of 18 because it was the first diamond she was able to buy herself. Her boyfriend inspires her a lot. Her family likes him. How do you balance it all? They live together because they're not a normal couple. If they were a normal couple, they wouldn't be. We wish you nothing but the best. 

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