Cardi B's Sister Threatened By Nicki Minaj's BFF Rah Ali: "You Next"


It's been almost two months since Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's scuffle in the middle of New York Fashion Week, but their feud is far from over... at least when it comes to their inner circles.

Nicki's BFF (and former Love & Hip Hop star) Rah Ali, and Cardi's sister, Hennessy Carolina, recently went head to head in a war of words on Instagram. Based on their exchange, it doesn't look like there will be a whole lot of talking once these two run in to each other in person.It all started once Hennessy began venting about the harassment she and her sister get from the Barbz. When one user suggested that she stop mentioning Nicki's name, Hennessy claims it's warranted since both Nicki and her friends Rah and Brooke Bailey repeatedly mention her sister on their Instagram Live talk show On Site.

Rah didn't take Hennessy's jab lightly, and promised to take action the next time they cross paths. "Keep playing with you dumb b**ch and Ima RAG YOU like I did your sister." Hennessy replied by accepting the challenge, letting Rah know she has no problem letting things get physical. 

Their back and forth didn't stop there. Hennessy had a few more messages for Rah, including an open invitation to meet up and square up to settle the score once and for all.



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