No, Cardi B. Did NOT Diss Ariana Grande!

If you're looking for drama then you've come to the wrong place because there is no drama when it comes to Cardi B. and Ariana Grande. BUT that didn't stop someone from trying to spread rumors!

(Photo Credit - Getty Images)


A screenshot started making the rounds that appeared so show Cardi B liking an extremely rude and troll-y Instagram post insulting Ariana Grande's relationship history. 

Apparenlty the post came from a Nicki Minaj fan page trying to start drama, and it's NOT even real!! Which means NO Cardi was not dissing Ariana by liking it. 

But it's crazy that Cardi has to come out and defend herself and prove that she wasn't dissing her.

This is what she wrote on Twitter - "Ya gotta do better with the photoshopping the 'Y' is a little cut off in the corner," Cardi tweeted. "you kids need to find a hobby, LEAVE ME ALONE."

As you know Ariana and Nicki are good friends!



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