Cassie Breaks Her Silence With SAVAGE IG Post After Break-Up With Diddy


According to reports, after 11 years Diddy and Cassie has have broken up. 

That must really be hard, no matter who you are... a heartbreak is a heartbreak. 

Can you imagine how much harder it is for celebrities to go through a breakup? Having everyone give their opinion about your relationship... smh.

When it comes to Cassie and Diddy I just hope they both truly find their love and happiness.

But what did Cassie have to say about the breakup and Diddy's new rumored girlfriend?

Doesn't seem like she is  happy:

If you're on her Instagram feed and don't see this it's because she posted it on her IG STORY. So after 24 hours it disappears - but I again I hope Diddy and Cassie have nothing but happiness and love!


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