The Legendary Mike Tyson Stops by the Neighborhood! "Full Interview"

The legendary Mike Tyson just stopped by the neighborhood! So whats new with Mr. Tyson? Well he smokes everyday and is now part of the Louie the 13th Cannabis business. Why does he smoke? Well he said he needs it because he's crazy! He later talked about "Comedy For A Cause,"  and how his favorite comedian is Mike Epps, Katt Williams, and Kevin Hart. Big Boy asked if he missed fighting, the training and the lights. Mike said “No way”. He was so ecstatic when he retired because he was going crazy and it started getting to his head. It's crazy to Big Boy that Mike Tyson sits with him and knows him. We asked him if he listens to hip hop and he likes Migos and Drake. He event went to see them in concert this past weekend. Look below for full interview where Tyson talks about Kanye West, 2pac, loss of his daughter and his new Tyson Ranch.



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