T-Pain Talks About New Show, Kanye West, Autotune, And More!

T-Pain just stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood! The interview started off with T-Pain opening up about why he stopped making music. When he started sounding like other people he realized he had to take a break. Many artist have a dream collaboration and for T-Pain he would love to make a song with Carrie Underwood but her fans aren’t feeling it. Besides Ms. Underwood he would also like to work with Andre 3000 and E-40. When asked whats the dumbest thing he’s ever done T-Pain reminisced on when he spent 400k on the chain,

Speaking of dumb things we asked what T-pains relationship was with Kanye West. It turns out T-Pain doesn’t have a relationship with Kanye but he reminisced  on the creative process on the Good Life. Big asked “Is Autotune dead”? T-pain doesn’t autotune LIVE. The only person is that has mastered Autotune live is Travis. T-Pain’s favorite song he has ever made is Kiss Kiss with Chris Brown. He enjoyed the song because he was able to write and produce the whole song.  T-Pain also discussed his new show “School of Business” on Fuse. Full interview below!



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