Is Beyonce Dropping New Music?! Is This A Clue?!


So now that Beyonce is done with the On The Run II tour she has time to jump back into the studio and she might have done that with her Bestie Kelly Rowland! Why do we think this?! That's because of one simple little NEW Instagram account that popped up! The account is called "Rose IV You" - as in Rose For You! And we ALL know how Beyonce has a thing for the number FOUR!!


Ok so now that you've listened to the snippet above, it's clearly a woman, and that does sound like two women having fun. So the reason we think this is a collab thing going on with Beyonce and Kelly is that the account is only following three people! BEYONCE, KELLY & TIDAL! 

So Tidal has a big event coming up and it would make sense for them to tease something for the event and maybe drop it the night of the event. 

PLUS the last photo Beyonce posted on her IG account is a photo with Kelly!!!  C'monnnnnnn you know this is happening...or maybe this is just wishful thinking! We'll have to wait and see. 



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