“Cornerstore Caroline” Has Apologized After Calling Police on a 9-Year-Old!


Cornerstore Caroline aka Teresa Klein is a New York woman who called the police on a 9-year old black boy claiming that he grabbed her butt. Surveillance video from the store has gone viral showing that it was the young boy's backpack, not his hands, that touched her. When she called 911 she can be heard saying that she was sexually assaulted by a child. She has since seen the surveillance footage admits that the child accidentally brushed up against her with his bag. She said that she has been harassed since the video that has been seen 5.6 million times, went viral. New York police say they never received a complaint or a 911 call about the incident. While the police were never called, the child was traumatized as his sister burst into tears at the scene and his mother and Teresa got into it. What should happen to "Cornerstore Caroline?"


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