Kehlani's Baby Daddy Has Been In Front Of Our Face The Whole Time!


Fans were all shocked when Kehlani revealed that she's 4-month pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. That's so beautiful and I'm just sooo happy for her! 

She's so excited to have her baby and I honestly can't wait to see her as a mother, I see Cardi B and I'm just like omgomgomgao that's so beautiful! 

Now, fans also wanted to know one thing: "Who is the baby's father?"

Who could it be? 

Twitter was freaking the hell out trying to figure out who Kehlani's baby daddy could be:


Well, Kehlani let us know, she's not hiding it... she wrote "the best part is I haven't even hid my partnership or my babyfathaaaaa. he been in front of ya'll faces. hahahaha!"



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