Nicki Minaj Dodged Running Into Cardi B And Mariah Carey!


Word is that Nicki Minaj skipped AMAs to avoid run-in with Cardi B and Mariah Carey: she can’t be around them. Nicki Minaj was a no show at the American Music Awards on Tuesday night, the ‘Queen’ rapper decided not to attend so that she would avoid running into Cardi B and Mariah Carey. Nicki most recently had an incident with Cardi on the red carpet at New York Fashion Week and in 2013 Nicki and Mariah Carey had beef while judging American Idol together. “Nicki knew it was a night where both Mariah and Cardi were featured, so she thought it was best if she just stayed away…Plus she didn’t want to be in the audience watching people she isn’t friendly with,” a source told Since Nicki had no obligations to perform or present, she knew that the show organizers would have no issues with her dropping out at the last minute.Do you think Nicki should’ve had gone to the AMAs anyway?


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