Missy Elliott Confirms She’s Working On Her First Album In 14 Years

Watching Missy perform with Ciara during her high-energy performance of ‘Level Up’ for Tuesday night’s American Music Awards, you can tell that Missy is ready to get back on the musical scene.

Elliott confirmed in response to a Recording Academy tweet on Tuesday night that the Virginia music legend is indeed working on new music and is set to put out an album as early as next year.

Missy hasn’t fully announced a new project as of yet, but she had teased music on social media and told fans that she’s ready to ‘make people dance again.’

It’s been 13 years since Missy dropped ‘The Cookbook’ and a lot has changed in the music business, those changes made Elliott hesitate to put out music, Missy tweeted on October 1st, “For so long I was hesitant to put out music in fear no 1 would get it because people said music has changed & my sound been so different but NOW IM LIKE hell bump it make music that feels good to me let me Get y’all asses dancing again."

Check out the below. 



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