Suge Knight's Son Claims Tupac Shakur Is Alive & Living In Malaysia

Suge Knight’s son, Suge J. Knight claims that Tupac never died and that he’s alive and well in Malaysia. In a series of Instagram posts the son of the Death Row Records CEO commented on an article about Pac winning back the singers unreleased music from his former label Entertainment One.

Knight joked about Tupac talking about Trump or Kanye and then posted photoshop pictures of the Hip-Hop icon with celebrities like Beyonce and 50 Cent.

In one of the photos, Knight captioned the picture, “[Tupac] never left us. They’ll be after me soon smh. For y’all tho (100 emoji).” Knight then took to his Instagram story and posted a video saying that someone was following him in his car and that he wasn’t on drugs.

Knight’s father, Suge Sr has also in the past said the Pac was still alive.

Do you believe Suge J. Knight’s claim?



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