Cardi B's & Offset's Baby Kulture Seen for First Time


Hey nosy Neighbors! (I'm talking about myself as well, I wrote this because I'm nosy!)

I love Cardi B, I love her music, her attitude, and her being a mom! She's the cutest mom and she just loves her family so much, I LOVE that!

So on her personal page and on Offset's personal page, they never post pictures of their daughter Kulture! 

Cardi B fooled EVERYONE including her own husband OFFSET at the VMAs when she came on stage holding her "baby" but it wasn't actually a baby. She tricked us all! (details linked below)

But TMZ captured pictures of Kulture and Cardi on vacation! 

Take a look at the pictures HERE. (she looks soooooooo cute!)

Cardi B Had a "Surprise" With Her At The VMAs
Cardi B Had a "Surprise" With Her At The VMAs
Cardi B decided to surprise fans at the VMAs.


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