Lil Wayne's Song “Uproar” Sparks New Dance Challenge! [WATCH]


If you thought the "In My Feelings" challenge was a big thing, now there's new moves to learn with the "Uproar" challenge. This challenge comes courtesy of Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz's song "Uproar" from Wayne's "Carter 5" album. Swizz started the dance challenge on IG while the song played in the background with the caption, "5:20am recap #uproarchallenge #poison #harlemshake Zoneeeeeeee my shoulders were not working well." Shiggy, who started the "In My Feelings" challenge got in on the fun, and the rest is internet history. Other celebs that have got in on the fun are Lil Wayne, his daughter Reginae, Casanova, and more. Are you going to get in on the "Uproar Challenge?" What's been your favorite internet challenge so far? Have you ever tried to start an internet challenge?



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