West took to SNL to do what he does best be Kanye West LOL

And honestly neither was I first and foremost Kanye West is definitely in full mental health to understand quite clearly as to what he’s doing and the message he is spreading a lot of us Kanye hate bees want to excuse the #Maga hat Because Kanye West says he designed a new brim for it!! Over the weekend Kanye West took to S and L to do what he does best be Kanye West LOL So he performed a long below pump Tiyana Taylor and more but then it got serious when he decided to go off on how everyone was bullying him for wearing that hat never in my life have I seen somebody so ignorant and arrogant to Donald Trump and his vicious ways we can say all we want to say about Mr. West but artistry aside he’s all effed up!!!  So can someone let Kanye West that his presidential reality check was lost in the mail and he’ll be getting it soon, 

 Thank You! 



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