Cardi B’s Ex Roomate Making “Money Moves” The Desperate Way

Or at least she is trying to. So a few weeks ago Cardi B’s ex roommate took on to IG live to “expose her “and lay all her shit bare. Now it gets Messier because not only did she claim that Cardi B had herpes but she also said that she (the roomate) was not hating and never trying to be a rapper; so everything she was saying was just her wanting to be honest with “HER FOLLOWERS...” well this video just surfaced of Cardi’s “never will I ever be a rapper” roomate rapping!!! And this is recent! Now first off if you’re gonna make a video coming for One of his pops elite queens they get a better camera man and better quality content but here it is anyway check it out let me know how you feel about it @HIABBYDELAROSA 



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