Why is JLO Feeling Like A Superwoman?


Jennifer Lopez flaunts insane biceps on Instagram: ‘Feeling Like Superwoman!’ When Jennifer Lopez started her Las Vegas residency the singer thought that 15 shows in 27 days would wear her all the way down, Lopez, however, took the high road and vowed that she would be “better and stronger” at the end of her run.Well, Jennifer seems to have kept her promise to herself as she posted a picture of herself in a red dress on Instagram flexing major muscles."Feeling like superwoman after the show tonight!" she wrote. The mother of two said she had to fit in workouts when she could even when she was tired or traveling. “...I am having so many emotions, but mostly just feeling strong, happy and grateful!!!" says Lopez.Celebrity friends such as Khloe Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, and The Chainsmokers celebrated J. Lo’s new physique, "You are such an inspiration!! Mind over matter! You got this forever!", Kardashian commented.What was the last promise you made to yourself and kept?


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