Uh-Oh!! Tristan Thompson Caught Cheating Again?!


We ALL remember when Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant, it took the couple a long time to get past those videos and most recently we heard that Khloe will be moving back to Cleveland during the season to be with Tristan. HOWEVER just the other night Tristan was leaving the club and it looks like his party grew by two! 

CLICK HERE to see the video

Basically the two girls leave the club, but hang out at the exit, THEN you see Tristan and his friends come out of the club. Tristan does not acknowledge them and gets into an SUV, BUT THEN two of his friends get into another car in front of them and the girls then walk into that car! 

The girls tried to keep their faces hidden, sort of as if they knew they shouldn't be seen! 

Now of course this is NOT proof that Tristan is cheating, the girls could have been for his friends, BUT it's not a good look for Tristan right now. People are watching!


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