Does This Halloween Costume Offend You?

First off - this family is on point w/ their costumes, BUT they are creeping me out! OK so we know offensive Halloween costumes exists, and every year there is at least ONE costume that makes it to the news because people aren't having it. Especially when they take a kids cartoon and make one of those costumes SEXY! Like SEXY Olaf from Frozen! Well this year one store took the popular show Handmaids Tale and created a costume! So this is the real look from the show below!

AND this is the costume they created! 

Clearly the company has NOT seen the show! Because the show is about women's rights being taken away and being used to just have babies. SOOOOO I don't really think this was a good decision and for sure tone deaf. But I'm not alone, so many people complained that the company ended up taking the costume off the website!  

In a statement, the company said its "corporate ideology is rooted in female empowerment, and gender empowerment overall."

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