Is There A New Kanye West and Chance The Rapper Album On The Way?! [WATCH]


Chance the Rapper Teases “Good Ass Job” Maybe a joint album between Chance The Rapper and Kanye West really is happening. Signs point to an upcoming album after Chance posted a picture on Instagram of a pink background with the words "Good Ass Job."See "Good Ass Job" is a term that's been linked to Chano and Yeezy since Chance began his career. It's also the name of the album that Chance said he and Kanye were working on a couple years ago. In June, Chance talked of Ye producing an album for him, and then just last month the two were spotted in a Chicago studio together. Could this post mean they're ready for us to hear the finished work? Isn't it time for some new music from Chance anyway?



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