Drake Sues A Woman Who Tried To Pull A Fast One!

So check this out, this woman claimed that Drake got her pregnant - but it was ALL a lie! Now Drake has just filed a shocking lawsuit against her, saying she's hatched a baby scam and made false rape allegations against him.

According to TMZ the lawsuit claims that he met the woman during his Boy Meets World Tour... 

"He says after one of his concerts in February 2017, they hooked up at his hotel where he says they had consensual sex and "Layla also voluntarily and seemingly happily performed oral sex..."

The lawsuit also claims that Drake said Layla went ballistic when he sent her home rather than taking her on tour with him.  

Apparently they did text a couple times but she created this fake relationship in their head and he didn't have the energy to respond anymore. 

BUT it didn't end there! 

According to TMZ

"According to the lawsuit, Layla switched tactics and went to authorities in New York and alleged Drake had raped her during their one-night stand. Drake says at that point Layla hired a new lawyer who demanded money or else they would make the rape complaint public.

According to the suit, the case was referred to Manchester police, who interviewed Drake and ultimately cleared him.

But, according to Drake ... it wasn't over. He says in the suit Layla then demanded millions of dollars in exchange for silence. 

Drake is suing her for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process."

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