Is Drake Teasing A New Project?


So a few months ago when Drake announced his track "I'm Upset" he unveiled the cover art, do you remember?!


Well shortly after Drake dropped his album "Scorpion" there were rumors that Drake was going to drop a second album because he was finally done with Young Money and was moving on! Scorpion was his last album he had to do with Young Money! However we never got that follow up project! 

Then TODAY Drake posted this photo. As you can see this is part of the "I'm Upset" cover art! Some are speculating that Drake is gearing up to drop that rumored project! The fact that it's attached to his "I'm Upset" cover art, also gives us a clue that this next project is going to be deadly! The Reaper is Coming!!! 


I also think that Drake is secretly a Game of Thrones Fan...but that's just me! So what do you think? Is Drake going to drop another album?


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