Eminem Has ONE Regret From His Trump Cypher!

Eminem had a lot of people talking after his BET Cypher aired and in his interview with Sway he revealed that there was one thing he regrets after that Cypher and it was a bit surprising! If you skip over to 5:20 he said "After it was all said and done, maybe, maybe I should have just attacked him!" 

Meaning that he should have shown empathy towards his fans that voted for Trump! Basically he should have reworded it! 

I can understand what he's saying, but I think at the time Trump and his policies were dividing a lot of people and people were angry and upset. Clearly Marshall was one of them (myself included). 

I also liked when Em talked about people who were burning their Nikes! Skip over to 7:50...actually DON'T skip any of this, it's not that long! 

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