Nick Cannon Says He Has "Great Respect & Admiration" For Azealia Banks

Nick Cannon doesn’t want anymore Azealia Banks smoke. The hip-hop veteran has reached out to the New York native in the name of respect.

This weekend, Cannon went to Instagram with a lengthy Banks post about her coming through for a recent “Wild ‘N Out” taping.

"In the words of our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go High”. And I can honestly say I have great respect and admiration for @azealiabanks for coming back out and completing the show like a strong Queen and going High that day," he wrote. 

Cannon continued, "Anyone who can even come on Wildnout and show a different side of themselves and have the courage to go up against some of the funniest, rawest, and most talented individuals in the game, says a lot about ones character. So all the pageantry and pandemonium aside I would like to say Thank you to @azealiabanks and her team for being a part of our hit show and helping provide these great ratings. Hopefully she receives this opportunity to fly on this higher frequency of positivity and as the Great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing teaches in the Color Confrontation Theory, we as a people must learn to empower and love ourselves. So here is some Love @AzealiaBanks ❤️🙏🏾"

What do you think?

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