Is This Proof Watching 'KUWTK' Makes You A Bad Person?

To all you that love to hate on the Kardashians, good news! It turns out there may be some truth to the negativity the Kardashians bring out of an individual. A recent study shows that watching shows similar to 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' that "glamorize fame, luxury, and wealth" for only one minute is enough to increase anti-welfare beliefs. That's CRAZY! I see advertisements for glamorous TV shows all the time, but never thought about the impact it could be having on my mental outlook. 


If you're a loyal fan of the shows, ? Well, Laurel Steinberg,  a New York therapist says, "remember to look down the mountain rather than up. Sure there are a few super wealthy people at the tippy-top, but most people of the world lie below."


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