Teen Spends Thousands To Look Like Kim Kardashian

A teen in the UK is making headlines after she has reportedly spent thousands trying to look like Kim Kardashian. 

Kairah Kelly, born Tyler, may only be 17, but she's already spent over 17K in USD on her new look. 

Kariah has spent hundreds in hair extensions, and thousands in lip fillers and designer clothes, modeling herself after Kim Kardashian - which is funded by promoting cosmetics on social media. In addition to the money, Kariah wears a corset 20 hours a day which has not only made her waist smaller but has brought her from flat chested to a 32FF.

According to Kariah, she doesn't care about the discomfort or the money, as she is finally happy in her own body. 

Should teens be allowed to make such drastic changes to their bodies before they're 18, even with parent's permission? 

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