An Entire Factory Walks Out After Two Latinos Were Unjustly Fired! [WATCH]


This entire UPS hub cleared out after two Mexicans were fired. Antoine Dangerfield captured the moment of his predominately Latino co-workers walking out of an Indianapolis, UPS hub after two Mexicans had been fired from their racist boss, “He was just a racist, basically — always messing with anybody who’s not white,” Dangerfield told Jacobin Magazine. 

The original video was uploaded on Antoine's Facebook and without knowing it went viral. The company tried to pay Dangerfield $250 to bring it down, but at that point Dangerfield felt it was too late and the video also, led to him being fired which he stated he does not regret. He said he was in aew of how they stood up for each other and feels others can learn from that. 

Have you ever encountered racism at your job? 


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