The Game Squares Up During His Game

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Ok, Game, whats really doing on!!!! Now apparently the game squared up with someone who's like his "Little brother" but this looked way too intense to even be feuding like that. Check it and let me know what you think - @HIABBYDELAROSA

Today was a tough one for me & my @drewleague team as we lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs by 2 points after winning the championship last season. I’ll take the blame & responsibility for it as well as the events (altercation) that led up to it. I say that to say, I’m writing this sincere apology 1st & foremost to my teammate & lil brother @j_hennn for my role in our disagreement that went a lot further than it should’ve. I acted out of character & although as brothers for the last 7 years & one of my teammates I definitely consider family.... there are always heated moments on the court & in our locker room but it should never get to where it got to today... so again, this is my apology fam. I love you like my own little brother & I keep replaying the moment in my mind wishing we both just let our tempers pass as we usually do but today it got out of hand. Secondly, I apologize to the @drewleague commissioner “Dino Smiley” as well as his daughter Chanel Smiley for how things spiraled out of control today as you know my character as of late is far better than what was demonstrated today. 3rd, I’d like to apologize to the fans, family, children & staff alike for the disruption of what should’ve just been a good basketball game & nothing more. I sat with myself & I am honestly sorry for my role in today’s mishap. I’ve talked to @j_hennn & we both voiced our opinions & as well our apologies to one another.... I just felt the only way for my feelings to reach out to all of you at once was to bring here.... so here I am. A man standing on his own two feet admitting his wrongs in today’s turn of events. Again, I’m deeply apologetic & I hope everyone has a great rest of the evening - The Game

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