Chrissy Teigen Says She Had A Jealousy Meltdown During John Legends Video

You ever see your bae with someone else and all of a sudden the green monster comes out?

Don't even trip because everyone goes through it once in their lifetime if not more than that... some people have countless interactions with the green monster inside of them.

Even your favorite celebrity gets jealous of their bae at times... take Chrissy Teigen for example.

She's known for keeping it real at all times and her latest tweet was no exception.

As fans were celebrating the 10 year anniversary for John Legends "Green Light" feat. André 3000's song she revealed that she had a "jealously-fueled meltdown."


We feel you girl. That's your man, protect your feelings at all costs!

Here's a thread to explain more in depth what she went through:



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