California Teen Burglar Wakes Up Couple To Ask For Wi-Fi Password

Well this is an interesting story.

A Palo Alto teen broke into a couple's home through an open window and according to the cops he asked if he could use their Wi-Fi.

The couple told police they woke up around 12:30am on Sunday and saw a stranger standing in their bedroom. Can you imagine how terrifying that is? I would freeze up!

Once they were awake, that's when the 17-year-old teen asked the couple if he could get their Wi-Fi code. It's that serious.

They obviously kicked the guy out and the cops quickly arrested him. He will be charged.

The couple reported that two kitchen knives were missing from their drawer. It's not clear if the teen took it or if he planned on using it. We're just glad nobody got hurt.

More details here.


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