Is JLo Trying To Tell Us She's Engaged?!


Yup!!! You see it! A HUGE MASSIVE Ring on her Ring Finger and get this - it's from ARod!! Jennifer celebrated her birthday the other day and posted these photos, and it got people wondering...did ARod propose?! Well, not exactly, Alex actually gave her the ring on Valentines Day. It's pretty expensive so she doesn't wear it all the time. However this was the first time she's worn it on her ring finger! Hmmmmm! I think she's trying to drop some hints guys! I'm telling you, before the end of the year...JLo and ARod will be engaged! Or at least I hope so! 

Also the ring is worth $173,000!!! WOW!!! 

Can we also enjoy this STUNNING Photo of JLo?! She turned 49 guys! WOW! 



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