Drake Shares Rare Baby Picture With His Dad & Hints New Album

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Shelby Drive.

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There's a lot of things to love about Drake but one thing I will forever respect is the love he shows his parents and family. He's always making sure we know that he loves his parents and I love it, I hope he never stops that.

We've seen baby pictures of Drake and personally, I can't get enough of baby Drake - the guy who literally has taken over the world!

This morning he posted a throwback picture of him and his dad, Dennis, it's just too cute!

Right before that he posted a picture of his dad and the caption may have hinted that an album is coming soon

Streets really need that @therealdennisg album ASAP...

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Oh, before that he may have been IN HIS FEELINGS (did you see what I did there? lol)

Me when I find a shordee that didn’t slash anyone famous yet...is this my finsta? shit it’s not.

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