Disturbing Video Shows Cops Pinning 10-Year-Old Boy To The Ground


This video brought me to tears because I don't feel there was any need to put a 10-year-old boy in this kind of situation.

A video that was posted to Facebook has caused outrage across the nation. 

In the video a pair of Georgia officers are seen physically restraining a 10-year-old boy with his face to the ground. 

Officers say the boy lunged at them after becoming distraught when they arrested his father. Thousands of people who have seen the original video are questioning what the motive of pinning a child was. 

The video that was posted by Ariel Collins, the boy's cousin,  said he was trying to talk to his dad in the patrol car. 

Her facebook caption read: 

"These mfs done slammed my lil cousin on the car first (the footage I didn't get) then on the ground and he's only 9 #CHANNEL2 #11LIVE #FOX5 đź¤” ... and, FYI Eric didn't do anything but was tryna talk to his dad who was in the police car. THAT'S IT!!!!!"

Police say the officers’ actions are under review. They are currently still on duty.

More details HERE.

Athens-Clarke Police responded via Twitter:



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