6ix9ine Felt XXXTentacion With Him During Robbery


6ix9ine seems to be in and out of the headlines a lot recently, either for new projects or his criminal history. The latest now is his claim that he was beaten and robbed in New York on Sunday (July 22) 

That morning he was allegedly beaten up, robbed, kidnapped, and pistol-whippe, and, according to him, he really thought this was his day to die. 

With all this going on, 6ix9ine couldn't help but think about his friend who was just killed, XXXTentacion. 

He is even now saying that he felt XXXTentacion's presence surrounding him while he was being robbed and protecting him from the attack. 

More details about the case aren't really clear since 6ix9ine is refusing to really cooperate with police.  



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