Woman's Super Creepy Tinder Profile Has People Scared For The Men She Dates

Billions of matches have been made on Tinder, but the dating app also features some strange characters. Sometimes those unusual people aren't really that weird - they're just regular folkstrying to have their profile stand out among all the others - but sometimes you might run into a truly bizarre character. That's not a bad way to describe Nicole, whose profile reveals she is a 26-year-old nurse. She seems to be sweet and innocent based on her photos, but if you read her bio you'll see there is a lot more to her, and it is pretty concerning.   

Along with seeking a "lifetime partner who is really hardworking, humble, healthy and trustworthy," Nicole wants a man with a heart - nothing too crazy about that, except that the heart needs to have "a sinus rhythm" and the man needs to have "both lungs and kidneys." Uh....

She also doesn't want a guy who smokes or uses substances that might damage his liver. 

Once Twitter caught wind of the creepy profile, they had a field day with it: 


Hopefully, this profile is fake, but either way it serves as a good warning to always read the bio before you swipe right!


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