Wiz Khalifa Opens Up About His Previous Relationship With Amber On "B Ok"

Wiz Khalifa is someone I'm a major fan of musically and as a person. 

He's got great energy and a great attitude towards life. 

I love it.

You don't see him causing any drama... but dare talk about his family (*cough cough* Kanye a few years ago...) and he will fire back, as he should.

For the first time, Wiz really opened up about what happened with him and Amber Rose when they ended up splitting. *insert sad crying emoji*

I was a huge fan of these two (now three) as a family so I was one of those people that were heartbroken when they broke up (still rooting for them to end up together.) 

Wiz dropped his album "Rolling Papers 2" last week and in the second verse on his song "B Ok" he opens up about his previous relationship with Amber:

The third verse of the song is where my tears wouldn't stop, Wiz Khalifa raps about the pain of losing his sister :( :

Listen to Rolling Papers 2:



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