Why Was YG Arrested?!

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YG got into a bit of trouble, so what happened was there was a situation in May in Las Vegas! Apparently a guy came up to YG and asked for a photo, but YG’s crew turned him away and told then the guy got mad and said that YG wasn’t a real celeb. 

Then YG popped off and snatched the chain off the guys neck, in security footage apparently you see the chain drop on the floor and then YG picks it up and takes off! 

Well the guy filed a police report and a warrant was out for YG’s arrest - so fast forward to now, YG was in Vegas and turned himself into Police and then posted bail! 

Apparently he’s acting felony robbery charges. 

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee YG is in some serious trouble #Roommates. The rapper was hit with a felony robbery charge for allegedly snatching a guys chain off of his neck back in May. ___________________________________ According to TMZ, YG turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest in Vegas. He was released after dropping $20k on bail. ___________________________________ The incident happened back in May at the Cosmopolitan hotel after a man approached YG and asked to take a picture with him. YG’s crew apparently turned the guy away and he told YG that he’s not a real celeb. Camera footage shows YG poppin’ off by snatching the chain off of his neck. The chain ended up hitting the ground, and YG is seen on camera picking up the necklace, which runs somewhere between $3k and 9k, and running off. ___________________________________ The victim is also suing YG because—Read More At TheShadeRoom.com

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