A Huge Change Could Be Coming To The NBA!


Lebron James in the past he'd love to play against his son in the NBA and with this potential change this could make it happen faster than we thought! Lebron's son is 13 years old and has been impressing people on the court but lets be honest, that means Lebron would have to spend another 6 years in the league. However...if the NBA makes this one change, it could just be five years! 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that the league could be done with their "one-and-done" rule, if you don't know what that is, it's a rule that doesn't allow new players to enter the league at 18. Usually players go to college for a year and then enter into the draft. BUT if they get rid of it, players can enter at 18, just the way Lebron and Kobe Bryant did! 

Personally I like when players go to college because it's fun to scout them that way, and I REALLY like college basketball. HOWEVER I know a lot of these players come from nothing and being able to get paid sooner would be a blessing for them. But a free scholarship is cool too!

So if the rule changes, it means we actually really could see Lebron play with his son in the NBA!



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