Rihanna's Trip With Her Boyfriend Took A Turn For The Worst

If there's one thing we all know for sure, it's that we do NOT want to be on the other side of an angry Rihanna. 

Unfortunately for her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, that's exactly the position he was in last weekend. 

Hassan Jameel started becoming a household name after he and Rihanna started dating. 

Earlier this year in their relationship, Rihanna was constantly gushing over her new billionaire businessman, but that didn't last when reports came out that they broke up because Rihanna was "bored."

According to sources, Jameel's heart was completely broken after Rihanna decided she was bored and wanted to move on. 

Now, it's not completely clear if they're trying to patch their relationship or not but the two have been spending some time together, most recently on a vacation in Mexico. 

From the looks of it it's anything but peaceful as the photos coming from the trip are mostly Rihanna scolding Jameel with her hand in his face.


I just want Rihanna to be in love and happy!!!!!!


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