Police Searching For Suspects Who Attacked 91-Year-Old Rodolfo Rodriguez

An elderly man, Rodolfo Rodriguez, was attacked and battered with a brick on Independence Day in his Los Angeles Neighborhood. Witnesses described the incident to be a "racist" attack on the 91-year-old man.

Rodriguez was taking a stroll around his neighborhood last week when he was attacked by a woman who hit him with a concrete block and enlisted men to join in beating him. 

This story is so heart-breaking. I don't understand what the purpose of hurting anyone would do.

A GoFundMe has been set up by his grandson and if you'd like to donate you could do so here: GoFundMe For Rodolfo Rodriguez.

From his GoFundMe:

"On July 4th at around 7pm, my grandfather Rodolfo Rodriguez  whose 92 years of age was going for his daily walk around the block when he was assaulted by and African American lady and five other guys. He is doing really bad, has a lot of bruises on his face and a broken cheekbone."

More details: click here

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